Dino Crisis 2 – Roasted Dino Meat

Dino Crisis 2 - Day 2 Screenshot 2017-06-21 07-13-15

Beat a couple elite dinosaurs with a super cheap flamethrower, blew up some toxic plants, and made it to a boat.

It’s just not clicking for me… I’m finding that when it comes to action oriented games, if the non-action parts are mediocre, and the action isn’t amazing enough to compensate for that, then I just can’t maintain interest. Shooting dinosaurs is fun, absolutely, but the rest of the game is kind of a slog, and shooting those dinosaurs isn’t SO fun that I feel like dealing with those down moments is worth it…

Dino Crisis 2 – Dino… Evilllll…

Dino Crisis 2 - Day 1 Screenshot 2017-06-21 07-12-03

I made it to the first character swap but ended up getting stuck in an endless raptor/wasp ambush and dying.


It’s hard to put my finger on, to be honest. On one hand it’s really fun running around shooting dinosaurs and racking up points. On the other hand, the Resident Evil tank controls aren’t doing this game any favors. On the other other hand, they’re not so bad as to ruin the game. That said, I’m already feeling this one wear thin for me, but we’ll see.

PS1 – #13, #12, #11, #10 – Lightning Round!

Crash Bandicoot - Day 1 Screenshot 2017-06-18 23-01-19

I’ve never done this before, but I don’t see it as being the last time either. I just couldn’t bring myself to write full reviews for these games. Crash was mediocre, Mr. Driller was fun for a few minutes but didn’t amount to much more than a fire and forget arcade game. Wipeout was okay, I played it for about an hour, but again it was just a little too shallow and felt a bit clunky.

Gran Turismo 2 was obviously the most interesting game by far, but I’m just not enough of a racing sim fan to appreciate it as much as I could have. The license exams were a huge pain and racing with a controller just doesn’t feel right anymore, after experiencing the awesomeness that is the Oculus Rift, a G29 and Project Cars. That’s no excuse not to enjoy this game, but I did find it to be a lot more difficult than expected…

Lunar – A Greener Frontier

Lunar - Day 7 Screenshot 2017-06-15 20-31-56

Mobilized a castle, knocked a magical city out of the sky, put a magical fortress in the sky, and beat the game. Yay.

I can’t tell whether I’m feeling more relived or satisfied for putting this one behind me. I greatly enjoyed the story and character elements, and just the general tone set by it all, but I found the actual gameplay to be tedious. Well, more thoughts coming up in the review…

Lunar – Dragonmaster Rising

Lunar - Day 6 Screenshot 2017-06-15 20-30-42

Made my way through what was probably the worst forest dungeon in the game, met the blue and black dragons, and finally took up the mantle of Dragonmaster!

Not really much to say. I’ll be honest that the more I play this game the more frustrated I become with certain aspects of it, but the story and characters are enough to keep me moving forward. That and the fact that I know I’m closing in on the ending.

Lunar – Oh Kyle…

Lunar - Day 5 Screenshot 2017-06-14 01-05-04

Cleared the Tower of Knowledge (Wisdom?) and passed the Red Dragon’s trial. Did a fair amount of grinding in some bug fields.

More amazing dialogue keeps things moving forward, and I can say without hesitation that the twin dog statue boss fight in the Red Dragon cave is officially the worst fight in the game thus far. At this point I’m really just trying not to let the game get in its own way and enjoy it as much as possible.

Lunar – Welcome to Hicksville

Lunar - Day 4 Screenshot 2017-06-14 01-01-39

Finished gathering what will become my final party for this game, did some mandatory grinding, died to a surprise boss…

Yeah, the whole “Surprise there’s a boss here and you only get to use one character and, oh, they’re out of MP sorry!” deal is, frankly, bullshit. I’m speaking of the encounter with Mel’s statue in the woods on your way to the Tower. It’s extremely frustrating as it’s a blemish on what is otherwise a great game. Well… that’s not true. To be fair, most of Lunar’s systems are lackluster at best, but everything else keeps me wanting to play. This is quickly becoming the best worst RPG I’ve played in a long time!

Also, seriously, the Working Designs localization is just fantastic.

Lunar – Charmed

Lunar - Day 3 Screenshot 2017-06-12 17-43-38

Met Kyle and Jessica, revealed the game’s major antagonists and totally got my girl stolen…

Made some really good progress today, setting several of that game’s major plot points into into motion. Totally digging the Evil Hot Witch trio of villains, and what little I remember from Lunar 2 makes Ghaleon all the more compelling. As for gameplay, it was mostly typical progression, but I’m still enjoying how everything’s playing out.

Lunar – Ninny-Ninny Dumb-Dump Poopy-Head

Lunar - Day 2 Screenshot 2017-06-12 17-42-50

Made it to Meribia, met Nash, died horribly in the sewers…

So, I get that Lunar’s one of the more difficult RPG’s out there, however I’m not always on board with how it achieves that difficulty. Accidentally go through a door and trigger a boss fight while you’re out of MP and Nall’s holding your items? Bummer. I don’t want to go screaming that it’s not fair, but, I mean, it’s not. To run into a situation like that and lose an hour or more of progress just feels mean.

That said, I’m still loving everything else about the game from a story standpoint. I know it may be a little cheesy, but I’m a huge sucker for Luna’s songs in this game, as well as the score in general, and the scene with her singing from the crow’s nest was simply excellent. I’ll have another stab at the sewer beast tomorrow…

Lunar – The Greatest Adventure

Lunar - Day 1 Screenshot 2017-06-12 17-37-08

Kicked off the game, met Quark and made it through the Weird Woods

I’m really happy to be playing this game for the first time in over 15 years! I’ve always been a much bigger fan of Lunar 2, but I have to say the first entry has already won me over. It’s clunky in places, I have some complaints of varying severity, but I can’t get past how excellent the characters, music, dialogue and just general “feel” of Silver Star Story is. I’m very much looking forward to spending more time with Alex and friends.